O/Cloud Collaborate is a web-based software solution, allowing internal and external parties to manage,
share and collaborate on any product related file, including 2D/3D models, graphic designs as well as
tech-packs in one secure location. The centralized workspace, which hosts the digital files as well as team
members’ feedback, includes a high-quality 3D viewer and helps eliminate errors before producing the
first physical prototype for better products and for faster decision-making in the product development cycle!


• Enjoy a centralized and secure workspace for all your product, design and development files together with your teams’ feedback
• Through the collaborative workspace, improve the communication between internal and external stakeholders (designers,
technical designers, pattern makers, vendors, etc.)
• Reduce the number of physical samples by leveraging virtual samples for review sessions across the world with just a browser
• Seamlessly manage and stay on top of multiple projects easily with an automated digest summarizing the activities
within the workspace
• Speed up the ideation and approval of new garments and go to market faster


• View garments and styles in high-quality 3D rendering and shift camera angles (turn, zoom, etc.)
• Easily identify issues before producing the first physical sample thanks to the true-to-life digital garments
• Share the garments related data (tech-pack & design files) to allow the teams to better assess the products
• Benefit from one single version of the truth (SVOT) thanks to the centrally managed location
• Take better grounded decisions and save fabric cost


Create a Workspace, Upload Files & Share

• Create a workspace and organized sub-folders
• Upload and share any type of file (PDS, PDF, image files, etc.)
• PDS files with 3D content to be published from within PDS
• Non PDS files to be uploaded directly to the workspace
• Upload 2D and 3D patterns, avatars, illustrations and artworks,
fabric or tech-pack files
• Assign permissions to relevant parties (internal or external)
to share your workspace(s) and files

View Garments in 3D High Quality

• View garments and styles in high-quality 3D rendering
• Zoom in and out, and alternate camera views

Comment & Review Annotations

• Make general comments to a style or garment
• “Pin” a certain area of the garment to add a specific comment
• Place 2D annotations (arrows, lines etc.)
• Automatically display the most recent revision of the file or
choose to view former comments
• Receive notifications on new comments from your entitled
team members and partners

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A secure and robust SaaS platform for collaboration and data management, optimized for the fashion industry.
Using O/Cloud, store, share, and manage product-related data more effectively, for better and faster decision-making.
All information uploaded to the Collaborate app is safely stored within O/Cloud. Only privileged users can access the data,
and must have admin/editor rights to further share it. This ensures that your files are kept secure.

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At EFI Optitex, we love to brighten up your world with digital inspiration to make you reach new heights, to lead you to envision things that could never have been considered before and to contribute to your company’s success.

Today, we want to brighten up your screen and your garments with lots of sparkles, a touch of glitters and a dose of sequins, all that little extra that will drive your buyers and consumers to shine and to love you.

Create Your Own Sequin Design : 

Optitex enables you to create your own 3D sequin design by drafting directly on the 2D pattern pieces of your product.
Watch our 1 min. 50 sec. video to quickly learn how to create your own sequin design:

And see the result…

The sequin 3D shape can be found under:
C:\ProgramFiles\Optitex15/ Samples\3DContent\Props\ButtonShapessequin.mod

Sequin & Glitter Textures – NEW! : 

You can now work with sequin and glitter textures.
To download these new shader types, please perform the following:
2. Run the file.
3. In the Installation dialog, click Extract if PDS is installed in the default folder (C:\Program Files\Optitex 15)
Or if PDS is installed in another location, click Browse and select the required location, then click Extract.
4. Once the installation is done restart PDS and enjoy 2 new shaders.


Like their athletic consumers, sportswear brands can’t afford to fail at performance. Being on the cutting edge of fashion sports trends is not enough. More than style, the athletes’ comfort, performance and protection ꟷ often under extreme conditions ꟷ is paramount.

This is where computing and technology come to the rescue, bringing the sportswear market to an interesting crossing point merging not less than technology, science, engineering, electronics and textile. Just as the textile market has performed a jump in the use and application of innovative fabrics, so has sport which results today very highly depend on the materials worn by athletes.

These materials would typically help regulate body temperature, reduce wind resistance and control muscle vibration – all of which help improve athletic performance. These innovative fabrics have led to the buzzy naming of “smart textiles” or “performance textiles”, to be simply understood as fabrics that have been developed with new technologies that provide added value to the wearer.  What makes smart fabrics revolutionary is that they have the ability to do many things that traditional fabrics cannot, including communicate, transform, conduct energy and even grow.

The range of materials being used can not only include metals, polymers, fibers, yarns, textiles (knitted, woven, embroidered, non-woven) but also electronic components such as sensors to detect body or environmental parameters, together with connectors and a data processing unit collecting and processing the obtained data. All of this not being so far from a traditional electronics system one would think. Lately, there has been a strong push towards solutions that can achieve better properties including washability, stretchability and new functionalities. With nano fibers playing a major role in dust and water filtration, nanotechnology appears as a key player in this whole ecosystem.

In its new report Nanotechnology, Smart Textiles & Wearables, Cientifica Research, the leading authority on smart textiles, wearables and nanotechnology, evaluates that opportunities in smart textiles will overtake those in apparel within six years and that altogether, this represents an $8bn opportunity for nano and 2 dimensional materials.

The result is a complex ecosystem of different material, component and connection options that are now available for product designers. While dealing with complex performance textiles, design lines and proportions have to be flawless to perfectly match and adapt to the body in motion. Also, an accurate and consistent logo placement is crucial. But how do you ensure the logo will still appear as it should on a stretched garment? As simply as it could appear, using smart textiles actually adds a layer of complexity when it comes to design, a challenge that sportswear brands are typically facing.

Here again, computing, and precisely CAD/CAM solutions, can be of tremendous help. 2D and 3D digital solutions can to some extent take into account the technical attributes of the sportswear textile materials. On a 3D avatar and through true to life simulation, these solutions can highlight shaky proportions, a logo distortion, or simply point out at a shirt extensibility on muscles.

3D digital solutions present other major advantages for the sportswear market, which is under intense pressure to issue qualitative and performance garments much faster. Indeed, if garments are being stretched, timelines are shrinking, with more collections to be produced in shorter time.

Interested in hearing more? See how the leading sportswear brand, Under Armour, has been benefiting from our integrated 2D and 3D environment before even cutting or sewing the first piece of fabric, for faster product life cycles at less cost.

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