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Roller blind cutting table US-2

Key features:

– One can replace cutting head (ultrasonic or mechanical round knife) depending on fabrics type.
– Easy and user-friendly operation is achieved through touch-screen (available languages – Polish, English, French or Russian and Spanish).
– Partially automated cutting process,
– Pneumatic two side fabric clamp (in standard is supplied with rope pull switch along operator’s side of table).
– Fabric end sensor ensures faster cutting cycle – knife cart stops automatically after fabric piece is cut and returns back to start position.
– Finger sensor from the rollers side prevents fabric clamp from pressing if foreign object placed under clamp.
– Big inspection light (260 mm / 10″ width) between fabric feed rolls and cutting line
– Precise measuring angle bar (angle and bar cart backlash adjustments can be made).
– Stable construction is made of powder coated steel.
– Manual fabric feed rolls, with manual centring system. Motorized rollers are available with remote control.
– Fabric clamp foot switcher in included in set.
– Adjust levelling using adjustable table feet.


Cutting width:  4000 (157.4″)
Tabletop width: 4200 mm (165.3″)
Tabletop length after cut-off line: 3100/3400/4000 mm (122″/133.8″/157.4″)
Whole width: 4750 mm (187″)
Whole length: 5200 mm (204.7″)
Tabletop height: 900 mm (35.4″)
Cutting speed: Min: 0.1 m/s – Max: 0.5 m/s (0.32-1.64 ft/s)
Blade rotation speed: 2400 rpm
Blade diameter: 65 mm (2.55″)
Voltage: 230 V
Wattage: 900 W
Ultrasonic knife: V
Sharpening device: V
Mechanical round knife: V
Fabric clamp: V – PT*
Backlighting: V – S*
Variable knife cart speed: V
Variable blade rotation speed: X
Roll manual centering system: V – S*
Fabric clamp foot switcher: V – S*
Semi-automatic fabric feed system: V

*PT – Pneumatic two-side
*S – Standard

Blinds cutting tables

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