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Pneumatic lifting table for upholstery with hydraulic brake system ST-3 / KP

Using this pneumatic table you can significantly improve both productivity and the quality of
Lifting table with pneumatic drive. For general use in the upholstery industry, for manufacturing of
upholstered furniture.
– Main feature of this table is so called Height Positioning System: when one presses a pedal, the table starts to move, making about 2 seconds pause at a certain point of movement. Height of this pause can be adjusted on a regulation profile under the table. This solution allows operator to work each time at necessary, comfortable height and not waste any time for small adjustments of table’s height.
– Anti-bouncing brake system that helps to prevent the table from bouncing.
– Table is supported with a steel frame, pneumatic cylinder, and an automatic drive;
– Cylinder is foot-controlled at both sides of the table;
– Table has a connection (output) for pneumatic devices
– After the table is cut off from the power supply, it is automatically blocked (if the power supply is cut off, the table top will not drop);
– The table has a drawer for storing basic upholstery tools.


Model:    ST-3/KP
Working pressure:    6 bar (87 PSI)
Tabletop dimensions:    2000 mm x 900 mm (78.74″ x 35.43″)
Pneumatic cylinder:    D125x600
Minimum height:    320 mm (12.59″)
Maximum height:    1280 mm (50.39″)
Maximum load:    160 kg (352.74 lbs)

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